Content Marketing

Content Marketing – What Not to Do

Martin Smith of Cheeky Green Monkey tells us in this post, some things you need to avoid as a content marketer. You need to be careful so as not to turn your audience off and waste the chance to flourish your business. As a good marketer, you must be aware that we have some tools and tactics that are not always effective. Some techniques in marketing will flip down your business instead of increasing your brand visibility. In the end, you will be chasing your potential clients without knowing. Let’s look at what not to do on your content marketing.

Below are the four main mistakes you need to avoid in your content marketing.

1. Selling, selling, selling

Content marketing is not sales oriented, but it takes a customer-oriented approach. This is a critical thing that most content marketers usually forget, this problem persists mostly when you have just opened your business, and you are expecting it to flourish within a short period, especially when you do not have any other source of income.

Content marketing works to provide value to the audience. This means the content you are offering is useful to the consumer and it is natural. Business sales are as a result of the built relationship and the persuasive authority you establish and not the other way around. Most people do not trust salespeople, so the great thing you are trying to do with content marketing is to enhance trust with your clients. If you are engaging in sales first, you will face difficulties in achieving long term success.

2. Self-focused and customer focused

It is better to track your business and rate your success, but it becomes hard to apply the same strength and energy in your content marketing. Content that covers your business interests will be less likely to face some challenges. The consumers or customers have different tastes and preferences away from yours. You must treat them differently according to their different class when you are offering content. Don’t write for your needs but write for them. Keep the customers in your mind from the initial stage. Deliver the content to the intended user as the right content becomes irrelevant if it is delivered to the wrong audience.

3. Trusting that more is more

You might be able to write to your audience well, and you have some understanding to some degree for their needs and wants. You can still be making another mistake of inundating your clients with content. You can thing your content gives much exposure that is needed by believing in your tons and think you will attract more people through various content about a particular product. There is no chance for this.

4. Going overboard with SEO

SEO is another thing that can annoy and frustrate your readers. This usually has to do with bad SEO. A bad SEO is that content that reads terribly like it was written by machine tools and not by a human being. With this, you will try to forge forward the wrong way. A bad SEO has two main characteristics; it has too many keywords and link stuffing.

If you result to overdo SEO, you will be getting yourself into many troubles, and at the same time, you will be lowering your content quality and readability in the name of getting more traffic.
So, keep all these bad content marketing habits in mind to avoid them in the future.