Social Media Marketing

Five Small Business Social Media Trends

Many small businesses are using turning to Inbound marketing methods such as Facebook ads to retain customers and brand products. Learn about five social media trends for small businesses in 2021.

As many small businesses struggle to recover from losses in 2020, what role will social media play in 2021? In How’s Your Marketing Budget Looking for 2021, The SEO Consultant from London reveals that some businesses are slashing, even eliminating advertising budgets in 2021. This will create a major shift and lead the way for an increase in the use of Facebook and Twitter for promoting and advertising goods and services. Here are the top five social media trends for 2021.

Facebook Coupons

An increasing number of small businesses will use Facebook to engage with customers, promoting “Fan” only type discounts, including coupons and giveaways. The Facebook Fan page is quickly replacing direct mail and email marketing. The option is relatively low-cost to establish. Anyone with a working knowledge of FBML (Facebook Markup Language) can create a Facebook Fan Page for their business.

Twitter Giveaways

Twitter will see a huge increase in business use in 2021. Consider that Facebook hit the market in 2003, and Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. Twitter is perfect for measuring customer interaction, and businesses have started using it to hold contests and give away products to successfully promote brand awareness.

Email Marketing Integration

2021 is bound to see a resurgence in email marketing. It is not as a stand-alone strategy but as part of a coordinated effort to engage customers on social media while retaining customers who have not yet transitioned to social media platforms. Expect businesses to use web-based email marketing to provide links to Facebook, Twitter, articles, and blogs.

Encouraging in-Person Interaction

Expect to see more businesses using social media to organize in-person events and engage customers to visit in-store locations. Twitter and Facebook can allow customers to RSVP to attend special events and create a kind of atmosphere where people get excited about meeting in-person or seeing products and services demonstrated on location.

Online Dating Using Social Media

Expect 2021 to see an increase in the use of social media platforms as a way for couples to connect online. Businesses who traditionally ran stand-alone dating websites will use Facebook and Twitter as a tool to advertise their service and integrate services directly into Facebook and Twitter applications, including third-party broadcast services such as Hoot Suite and Foursquare.

Undoubtedly, 2021 will see some exciting new changes in integrating traditional services into social media. These trends are great reasons for your small business to make the jump into social media. Use the opportunity to promote in-store events and make personal connections while offering coupons to keep customers purchasing, even in difficult economic times.