How Local SEO can Help Maximise your Business – This is a Must Read

Local SEO are the words on every digital marketing company’s lips right now. This article, provided by You Need Web Traffic, a UK agency,  is directed at helping business owners understand how Local SEO really helps maximise the potential of a local companies and why it is so significant in a modern world.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to implementing SEO strategies that specifically target a business’ location. This means people searching in that area will be more likely to see your company in their search results. In short, Google is capable of knowing the users location and returns results nearest to their city, region etc.

Why is Local SEO so Important today?

Local SEO is particularly important for brick-and-mortar companies providing products and services locally. The fact is, because they are specifically searching in that area the customer is usually ready to make a buying decision, therefore conversion rates are higher.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Research by Forbes discovered ninety five percent of Smartphone users have carried out local based searches
  • Google research indicates that forty six percent of searches are locally targeted
  • Research by Search Engine Watch revealed seventy percent of mobile users will employ the click to call available on Google local search results listings.

The All Important Google Local Three Pack

Google’s Local 3 Pack refers to the top three results returned by Google based on location. A recent survey by revealed that forty-four percent of users performing a local search will choose a company from the Local Three Pack. Hence, to say these positions are coveted is possibly an understatement.

How Can You Improve your Local SEO?

If your Google business listing does not include an address it is hard for Google to know your location and so include it in ‘Local Pack’ results. Ensuring your company name, address and telephone number are included in your Google business listing and always up-to-date is essential. If you have listed your company on other business listing websites it is also very important that these are always the same. If they do not, Google will penalise your company and rank it lower. Citations are also good for Local SEO. An example of a good citation would be a website naming your business as the best SEO Company in Swindon. Google defines citations as recommendations and this means trustworthy. This can gain ground when it comes to rank.

How Local SEO can help Maximises Your Business – A Summary

  • Many local searches are from newcomers to the area. Good Local SEO means they find your business first.
  • Local search results include vital information. This helps that potential customer make a quick decision with regards to whether you have what they are looking for.
  • Local SEO uses your Google business listing which means you do not need a website to start getting seen online and so driving more customers your way.
  • 70% of users will use the click to call. This is a qualified lead coming directly to you.

Employing a professional Local SEO company can substantially increase your business traffic and so help maximise your business potential.