How to Turn Your SEO From Zero to Hero

The world of Search Engine Optimization is quite dynamic. And this is why you should always keep up with the latest techniques if you wish to rank higher on search engine result pages. There is no doubt that SEO plays an integral part in the success of a business or company. This is irrespective of whether it is a start up or large scale enterprise.

There is more to SEO techniques than just using the right keywords and coming up with quality content. Below are the best SEO practices that you need to embrace in order to improve your rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Get Rid of Anything that is Slowing Down Your Site

A few years back, you could easily get away with a slow-loading website. In this day and era, no one will wait for your site to load if it takes more than a few seconds. This can discourage buyers and viewers from checking out what you have to offer. Feel free to ask any SEO expert. Page load speed is of critical importance. And, not only does it discourage viewers, but it can affect the perception search engines will have on your site.

You can get rid of things that are slowing your site, such as unnecessary plugins. Reducing the number of widgets and also decluttering your sidebar can help speed up your site.

Write for Humans and Not Search Engines

One mistake that bloggers and website owners are doing is writing content to please search engines. Well, the bad news is search engines won’t buy your products or services. And, if you do happen to rank at the top of search engine result pages, viewers and buyers can easily distinguish a genuine blogger from a fake one.

Therefore, you should write solely for humans. Search engines should come second. Instead of over-focusing on keywords, you should instead write engaging content that viewers can easily relate to. You will be surprised at how many loyal customers you will get for writing quality content. Always put your readers first.

Link to Authority Sites

This is one of the best SEO practices that can help you rank high on Google and drive loads of traffic to your site. Though most bloggers are reluctant towards this strategy since they think that it drives traffic from their websites. But there is nothing that shows professionalism than linking to authority sites.

Let’s face it, your blog is new, and chances are, only a few people have heard of your brand. By linking with authority sites, not only are you associating yourself with the ‘leaders’ in your niche but in no time. Other sites will also link with you. And, this is the main essence of link building which is rewarded heavily by search engines.

Ensure Your Meta Descriptions are Unique and Concise

It’s surprising how people don’t acknowledge Meta descriptions or the importance they deserve. A Meta description is the section that people see on the search engine result pages. This information is used to give viewers a clue on what to expect when they click that link.

You need to ensure that this description is unique and persuasive enough to convince a reader to click on your link. Kindly avoid copying meta descriptions from your competitors because search engines aren’t big fans of plagiarized content.

Final Thoughts

For you to succeed in your online ventures, you need to have a great strategy. Embracing the above best SEO practices will ensure you not only rank higher on Google. But it will keep you ahead of your competition.