Email Marketing

Maintaining Customer Relationships With Email and Social Networks

Email and social networking sites are extremely valuable platforms for maintaining relationships with customers for repeat purchases and long-term business.

Social network marketing can become quite an effective long-term yet cost-effective sales acquisition platform when combined with email marketing. All it takes is developing the right kind of customer relationships. Once that’s done, the following tips will help maintain those relationships so that customers are loyal and willing to avail of offers repeatedly.

Turning One Purchase Into Another

Any long-term email marketer will attest to the fact that the value of purchase-proven customers is massive. That is because it is always easier to sell to a customer the second time around than it is the first. Not only does it take less effort but also fewer resources.

Customers, especially those that are online, value security and peace of mind more than anything else. When an internet marketer or online entrepreneur is just another anonymous salesperson offering them a deal for their money, skepticism can easily pop up, rear its ugly head, and talk them out of a purchase.

The second time an online entrepreneur is pitching, that skepticism is no longer there. It is replaced with healthy confidence to trust the company and make another purchase. As long as online entrepreneurs continue to offer quality products, online offers, and services to their customers, they will end up with sales relationships that fit long-term efforts.

The real value of email and social network marketing is keeping brands at the top of customers’ minds to encourage them to make repeat purchases. Suppose a purchase-proven customer signs up for an email newsletter or connects with a company through a social networking account. In that case, it means that that person is more than likely to avail of other offers by the same company in the future. With a solid email marketing strategy and social networking presence, repeat purchases can go on for the long term.

Keeping Long-Term Contact Alive

There will undoubtedly be times when online entrepreneurs will feel short on effective, action-taking customers. It could be a slow period, or it could simply be the effect of marketing materials wearing off and customers losing interest in the same products.

To prevent this from being a catastrophic setback, online entrepreneurs and internet marketers should a backup plan ready. Whether it is an auto-responder message or a personalized and hand-written email, they should have something ready to send to revive the commercial spark and get sales moving again.

Social network marketing works for those who intend to make money online but only if it is part of a complete internet marketing plan. If combined with a solid email marketing communications strategy, the potential for long-term marketing is massive.