Email Marketing

So You Think Email Marketing is Dead? Big Mistake

In the early days of the internet when spamming was a frequent problem email marketing began to get a bit of a nasty reputation. Over the years, the rules about how and when you can market, giving people the chance to opt out etc have become quite strict and the fines can be heavy for those who don’t follow the rules. In America, the Federal Trade Commission have handed out fines of over forty thousand dollars in some cases. In 2018 European GDPR brought in tough rules to protect the transfer of personal data of anyone living in an EU member state – In an attempt to stop data being passed around to marketing companies and subsequently, those people being bombarded with products and services they never asked for or even showed interest in.

Definitely Not Dead – Living Proof!

Effectively, if this is what you think email marketing is then yes, those days are dead and gone. However, if you do the research it is clear that email marketing is definitely not dead, it has simply changed. Recent research by Forbes reveals that people do actually read emails from companies they have opted into and do not mind receiving frequent communications as long as it is relevant to them. To relay that, almost sixty percent of B2B marketers report that email marketing remains their strongest and most effective marketing tool. ValuVillas is one company that has found email marketing one of the most successful ways to market Spanish property across Europe and the world – Marc Bowyers explains “we’ve had extraordinary results from our email campaigns. I believe the primary reason for that is we target those who’ve opted in to our mailing list and so they are actively seeking the product we are selling”.

Keeping Your Email Campaign Alive & Kicking

If your email campaign is failing and perhaps you are thinking it’s time to put this donkey out to pasture, think again – Literally! You need to rethink your strategies and thrown any outdated ideas out the window. Here are some of the essentials for creating a successful campaign.

Build Your List

In the EU fines can be in the millions for those sending marketing material to people who’ve not subscribed (opted-in). Buying a list that has been passed around the world and probably been spammed to death is not going to get results. Many companies offer something to get their visitors to opt-in, like a free download or discount etc

Keep your Lists in Order

If you offer several services or products try to keep your lists segregated. If Joe Blogs buys a Samsung 10 sending him info on water softeners is probably going to be as useful as a chocolate fireguard.  Keep it relevant and to achieve that it is important to keep your lists in order: This way you know what is relevant to your customer. Purchase history, geographic locations etc are important elements. Don’t think it’s worth the effort? Research carried out by DMA revealed that segmented and so targeted emails produce “fifty-eight percent of all revenue”.

Still think email marketing is dead? Not on your Nelly as they say!