Top PPC Options In 2019

Initially, AdWords was the Pay Per Click network that most of the advertisers recognized in the market. However, with the success rates for the PPC models, other network providers are emerging daily. As a result, advertisers have a long list of networks that they can consider. But which are best networks other than the AdWords that you can find for better PPC marketing? I understand that with the long list, it can be hectic to get a choice and as a result, in this article, I present you with a list of top PPC options in 2019.

1. Bing Ads

The best alternative to AdWords is using Bing Ads. The network has a lot of similarities to Google AdWords. As a result, it comes as a favourite search engine and has millions of searches per day. It’s the second largest of all search engines and supports Yahoo search engine as well. Here, they charge at least a cent per click which is a fair price. Don’t look at the price but instead consider the service and the number of potential buyers you can realize in using their services.

2. Adroll

On the second pick is Adroll, a retargeting ads network which you can utilize from different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter among others. Using the interface keeps you in a position to turn visitors into real buyers. It helps advertisers track visitors of their website and helps them come back. One of the most significant features is their massive ad exchange that allows you to place the ads in thousands of different sites. Retargeting will be possible on Google platforms depending on the type of your website. If you plan to run a successful PPC ads campaign, Adroll is a must use the network.

3. Media.net

For the past decade, the number of browsers using mobile devices has increased and runs previous users of the PC devices. It means that, for you to win, you need to invest in a network that is mobile friendly. Among the best of them is Media.net. The interface features comprehensive portfolios in its advertising technology. In using the interface, you get to benefit from competitive CPMs as the demand for mobile search is above that of the Pc devices and still growing. It’s among the most profiting networks that you can consider using.

4. Bidvertiser

Another great PPC network option is Bidvertiser. Here, you benefit from cheap clicks, and as a result, making it a great alternative. The network involves a third-party site where it displays its ads. The site must, however, sign up with their revenue management scheme. The option works in the best way for small business advertisers where you get access to competitive keywords that would cost you more dollars on the famous sites.

5. AdBlade

In the fifth position on the list is AdBlade which works as an excellent choice. They help you target a lot of premium sites both locally and nationally. The company got into the market in 2008 and worked with the number of big agencies, direct response advertisers and brands. They specialize in content advertising and therefore can help users target a particular group in the market. If you’re tired of expensive charges, all you need is to join AdBlade.

There is a wide range of options that you can consider for PPC. The above-discussed networks are among the best and worth your investment. However, if you need the best result, always run for Google AdWords PPC network.